Food, Farming and Rural Affairs Conferences

Upcoming Conferences of interest I have penned below a few conferences that may be of interest to those of you in the UK interested in food, farming and rural issues: 9th September 2014 – LGA/RSN Annual Rural Conference 2014: Sustainability out of Austerity Crown Plaza Chester Hotel, Chester The conference will showcase the ruralContinue reading “Food, Farming and Rural Affairs Conferences”

Is supporting fracking a bad idea for the Conservatives?

David Cameron has made it no secret that he is heavily supportive of shale gas extraction as a future industry in the UK. He claims that it is vital to create jobs, boost the economy, bring down energy prices and stabilise supplies of gas and oil. All of these things may or may not beContinue reading “Is supporting fracking a bad idea for the Conservatives?”

Central Park and Species Identification

Taxonomy of species and identification is not, I must confess, one of my strong points although I would love to be a lot better than I am at the moment. This short clip is an inspiration to all those like me who would like to improve their species indentification skills. It takes a lot ofContinue reading “Central Park and Species Identification”