A bleak future for hill farming?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wLOO5j2vYE A short clip from about 6 months ago but a debate that needs to be had. Why do farmers have to take all the financial risks for the benefit of the supermarkets and the consumer? Do we really think enough about the producers of our food in the food system?


The Future of Our Food

The Bristol Food Connections Festival is currently in the city and remains here for another 10 days or so. As part of the festival the BBC are hosting a series of live shows where members of the public can come to participate in various ways. For example, on Saturday I attended the first ever audience … Continue reading The Future of Our Food

The BBC Food and Farming Awards 2014

Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 14th BBC Food and Farming Awards, held at St George’s in Bristol and hosted by Sheila Dillon and Valentine Warner. The finalists were inspiring and I certainly did not envy all of the judges who had to make incredibly difficult decisions. However, the … Continue reading The BBC Food and Farming Awards 2014