The Importance of interdisciplinarity, Cross-Disciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity in Education

When I began this blog a couple of months ago I set out my stance as a proponent of interdisciplinarity in education. I am a student of history although I am increasingly discovering that it is environmental history, and related areas, that specifically interests me. Environmental history, as a discipline, has grown to involve knowledgeContinue reading “The Importance of interdisciplinarity, Cross-Disciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity in Education”

University status for Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester

Yesterday, the Royal Agricultural College declared that, following the announcement by the Minister for Higher Education extending the use of the title of ‘university’ to higher education institutions with more than a thousand students, it will be applying to the Privy Council for University status and will hence become the ‘Royal Agricultural University’. The Royal AgriculturalContinue reading “University status for Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester”

Margaret Thatcher: the Environmentalist?

Thatcher: the ‘Iron Lady’, ‘the first woman Prime-Minister’, ‘the discordant politician’. As I sit here watching the funeral of the first and, as yet, the only woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom I thought it would be interesting to look into her own environmental agenda. Margaret Thatcher was one of the most divisive figuresContinue reading “Margaret Thatcher: the Environmentalist?”

Stock Deaths and the real cost to British Farmers Just read the above article which relates more widely to my previous post. The figures of stock losses are quite incredible and my heart goes out to all those who have been affected. Thankfully Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man at least have put together support packages for farmers. However, it’s my assertionContinue reading “Stock Deaths and the real cost to British Farmers”

The Winter from Hell for British Stockmen

I have just returned from a couple of weeks spent lambing up in the Scottish Borders – this is mainly why there have not been any fresh blog articles for a while for which I apologise. I shared for a little bit in the worries and hard graft that sheep farmers go through at lambingContinue reading “The Winter from Hell for British Stockmen”