Next generation interested in food? In the UK and US we are constantly told in the press that we fail in what should be an obligation to educate children about food production, manufacture, cooking and consumption. Even if you don't fully agree with what 11 year old Birke Baehr says in this TEDx lecture you have to admire his … Continue reading Next generation interested in food?

Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions

Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions In the video at the bottom of this link page (Farmers weekly online - please click the title of this post to access the page) Italian MEP Paolo De Castro, Chair of the European Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development reacts to the EU leaders tabling the figures … Continue reading Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions

Devon Coastal Defence Work

This weekend, along with another 8 volunteers from Bristol University Conservation Group, I battled wind and rain to repair the defences to the dune system that the group put in place last year. A Devon County Council Scheme, the structure consisted of a stake system with chestnut paling strips of fencing creating a groyne system. … Continue reading Devon Coastal Defence Work

UK Future of Farming Review

I have just been sent a link through to the below from DEFRA. In their words 'the Future of Farming Review is an industry led initiative, in partnership with Government, that aims to assess the workforce that will be needed by a sustainable, productive and resilient agriculture sector now and in the future.' The form can be … Continue reading UK Future of Farming Review

Next Wednesday the European Parliament will be voting on its position on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reforms. Janina’s article is really worth exploring.

Food (Policy) For Thought

This really is a time of change for the EU. As of next year, the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) – a behemoth that costs Europeans 58 billion Euros per year and represents almost 40% of the EU’s budget – is due to be reformed. And on March 13th, the European Parliament is expected to vote on its position on those reforms. As such, all Europeans can ask their representatives to lobby for a more green, more just and more sustainable CAP. Why should you care?

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