Tesco, Horsemeat Scandal and the NFU

As expected, the subject of Tesco Chief Executive Peter Clarke’s speech at the NFU Conference earlier today was apropos the horsemeat saga. There was certainly a buzzword in his speech though and that was ‘partnership’. Mr Clarke made the case for a partnership between not just Tesco and farmers but between Tesco, farmers and consumers.Continue reading “Tesco, Horsemeat Scandal and the NFU”

Countryfile comes to Bristol

Otters in the harbourside and one of the rarest plants in the country were two things that I learnt from this episode which is based in my home city of Bristol. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01r2pcp/Countryfile_Bristol/ Also a fantastic report about pig welfare standards in Europe, something that I think I shall be looking further into over the comingContinue reading “Countryfile comes to Bristol”

Tesco Boss to address farmers

It has been announced that Tesco Chief Executive Philip Clarke will be addressing the NFU annual conference in Birmingham on Wednesday (27 February), where he will speak on the subject ‘farming delivers for the economy’. Surely the question on farmers’ minds will be however ‘can the retail sector deliver for farming’? This will be theContinue reading “Tesco Boss to address farmers”

The English Wine Industry (a history of) – a neglected opportunity?

In recent years there has been a rising amount of media interest in English wines and the English wine trade. Hits on English wine websites have been increasing and sales in the shops rising. Why might this be? Certainly a general shift towards localism and regionalism regarding food and drink choices is one factor. GrowthContinue reading “The English Wine Industry (a history of) – a neglected opportunity?”

The continuing horsemeat saga

In a recent article in the UK newspaper, the Independent, it has been claimed that ministers have known from as long ago as 2011 that horsemeat may have been entering the UK foodchain. ‘John Young, a former manager at the Meat Hygiene Service, which is now part of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), said heContinue reading “The continuing horsemeat saga”